*Ultimate sun blocking Technology, Keeps ​RPDM rubber Roofing,Vinyl, All rubber, Leather, Gell Coat, Fiber Glass like brand new for life.

*Temper Flex will not crack, fade or chip once applied.

​*Complete detailing also applied on headlights and    license plates so bugs will not stick to them.

​*Heat resistant, over 150 degrees.


We now offer Steam cleaning by vaporrino.com

No other product provides this much protection for your boat and water gear. Use Aerospace Protectant to keep your boat’s seats, sails, hull and windows colorful and clean. Marine Aerospace Protectant is a premium protectant designed to safeguard boats and boat equipment against the damaging effects of daily exposure to UV rays. It’s safe for use on outdoor gear and apparel, too.

Simply spray on and wipe dry to restore color and luster, repel stains and prevent fading even in the harshest marine conditions and sunniest climates. Aerospace Marine will even help keep fishing gear clean and prevent inflatable boats from sticking together during storage. And because it’s 100% free of grease-producing silicone oils and petroleum distillates, Aerospace is safe to use on all your outdoor materials—vinyl, rubber, fiberglass and more.

No other protectant beautifies as intensely or preserves as powerfully. Keep your boat, water sport equipment and outdoor gear shiny season after season.

Usage Directions:

Use only on clean surfaces. For best results use 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner. Place a drop cloth under the cleaner to be treated to catch any over spray. Out of direct sun, spray surface with 303® Aerospace Protectant and WIPE COMPLETELY DRY. If streaking occurs, too much product has been used. Use a wet towel to remove excess, IMMEDIATELY WIPE COMPLETELY DRY.

Note: this product does not air dry. Extra buffing with a dry cloth INCREASES bonding, repellency & longevity. Apply every 3-5 weeks for maximum UV protection.

Great for use on a variety of surfaces such as: vinyl, leather, plastics, synthetic & natural rubber, eisenglass, PVC, gel coat & fiberglass.

Ideal for: Hypalon inflatable boats, wet/dry suits, tires, side-out seals, RV EDPM rubber roofing (for your safety, never walk on a wet roof), helmets, visors, and goggles. Not for use on unfinished leathers (such as suede), fabrics (canvas) or floorings.

303 Aerospace Protectant Has Many Applications, Including:

Boat Interiors: Spray on your vinyl boat seats to prevent them from fading and cracking during boating season. Will also help keep them clean from dust, sand, and will help prevent those dreaded sunscreen stains
Boat Bimini Tops: Protect your boat cover all year from the sun’s harmful UV rays (which can cause fading/cracking) in the summer months, and in the winter, it will keep the material pliable and prevent it from drying out and cracking. 303 Aerospace Protectant will also help make snow and ice accumulation easier to remove/brush off as well.
Boat Fenders: Use on your boat fenders to protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays (which can cause fading/cracking) in the summer months.
Outdoor Furniture: Keep your plastic, metal, or wicker outdoor patio furniture from fading, cracking and chalking. It will also help repel dust, dirt and grime, that can quickly accumulate on your furniture during the enjoyable BBQ seasonTIPS & GUIDES

​Chris and Roberts Auto Spa offers a full range of services from a simple wash to full details inside and out.

While you are sitting in your garage, out in a parking lot, or at a car show, you may notice paint imperfections such as swirl marks all over the paint.  Then, you wonder how you should go about removing these imperfections.  Should you remove them completely, remove most of them, fill them in and conceal them, or not do anything at all?  Here is a little summary of your options:

Compounding away defects:  This process will remove the defects rather quickly, but at a cost.  With each compound pass, more and more paint is being removed from the car.  You only want to use a compound when the damage to the paint is significant, or deep.  If you have never had the car detailed before, a compound would be the first step to a rich and deep gloss.  If you have had the car compounded on more than a few occasions, it might be best to leave some defects in the paint unless a repaint is an option down the road. If you don’t have access to a paint thickness guage to monitor how much clear coat has been removed over time, you may want to opt for a less aggressive method.

Originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications, 303® Aerospace Protectant™ is a premium surface treatment that instantly beautifies and provides superior protection against harmful UV rays that can cause loss of mechanical properties such as:

properties such as: discoloration, fading, embrittlement, cracking and/or chalking. Treated surfaces repel dirt, soiling, staining, water spots, salt water and mildew.

            Get it Fire-Glazed now!!!

To properly apply Fire Glaze, first, wash the vehicle with soap and water, and then dry the vehicle thoroughly. If mild oxidation exists, use Fire Glaze polish by hand rubbing or with a machine buffer (Max rpm 1500) to remove all oxidized paint, etc). If severe oxidation exists, we recommend using Fire Glaze Micro Finishing Compound instead of the Polish. In either case, do not let it dry to a haze. You rub it in until it disappears. If the vehicle you are putting Fire Glaze on has a metallic paint that has faded or is too far gone, nothing will bring back the luster or gloss even if you use a rubbing compound. The reason why is that metallic paints before 1977 were not acrylic metallics. They were lead-based metallics with a lacquer coating. When the sun burns off the lacquer coating, all you have left is the lead. Any polish applied to lead will turn black. You just can not polish lead. However, any acrylic metallic after 1977; any lacquered paint job before 1977; any enamel paint job before 1977; and any acrylic enamel before 1977 can have Fire Glaze applied. Fire Glaze will restore the color of the paint on any vehicle as long as the paint is still on the vehicle, and the primer is not showing through. it dry to a haze. 

​303® Aerospace Protectant™ is great for use on a variety of surfaces including vinyl, plastics, synthetic and natural rubber, PVC,  finished leather, teak, colored gel-coat fiberglass, clear vinyl (Eisenglass) windows, and more!  DO NOT use on unfinished leathers (such as suede), fabrics or floorings.

 *When Fabric Guard  is Applied to your Fabric and Carpeting it becomes Hydrophobic​,

  For more Info. about Fire-Glaze    log onto www.autopolish.com       


Leaving the defects alone:
….who wants to do that?  No one really, but sometimes it is necessary to do!  If there is very little paint to work with, or the specific defect is too deep, it may be best to leave it alone and live with it resting in the paint.  If you cut too deep, you will end up doing more damage than good, leaving yourself with a repaint necessary to fix a now prominent defect where before it was just a subtle imperfection.  Deep RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratch) should be left alone and concealed in the situation where the paint has had its share of paint correction work!


     Chris & Roberts Auto Spa Also offers,      303 Aerospace Protectant and Fabric Guard  

            "If It Floats,Fly's or Rolls

What Does Detailing Clay Remove?

Your vehicle is under constant assault from airborne pollutants. Brake dust, industrial fallout, acid rain deposits and rail dust all can adhere to your vehicle. These contaminants often contain metal particulates, which accounts for the ease with which they penetrate the clear coat to attack the paint below. These contaminants then oxidize, and they allow rust to spread beneath the clear coat. Tiny orange spots today, total paint system failure tomorrow! Detailing clay removes these contaminants in order to keep the paint healthy and vibrant.

Detailing Clay also removes stubborn sap, tar, and bug remains. Detailing clay works wonder on glass as well. Try some the next time you’re washing your windows. You’ll be amazed at the results!

*Protects new paint better than wax, silicone or poly products


       Protect &beautify your Investment   with Fire-Glaze.

customers want to clean and protect their investments, but often times do not known the correct products to use. Our literature can help educate them on a variety of topics: from how to protect their vinyl, rubber and plastics from fading and cracking (caused by the sun's damaging UV rays), to cleaning and restoring lost water repellency to their outdoor fabrics. We offer an assortment of marketing materials to help educate your customer on how to properly protect their investment from the start, which can prolong the life of their purchase, and also helps you reduce the number of warranty claims you receive.

​  ​ ​Chris and Roberts Auto Spa 

With the  Temper Flex No Buffer Swirl  Ever.

Mobile Auto Detailing. iS Available

*Restores even badly faded surfaces

​How Does Auto Detailing Clay Work?

Detailing clay glides along the surface of your paint and grabs anything that protrudes from the surface. The particle sticks to the clay and is therefore removed from your vehicle. The surface being clayed should always be wet with clay lubricant to prevent loose debris from scratching the vehicle.

Used properly, detailing clay is completely safe and nonabrasive.Its a much better option than polishing to remove these contaminants because clay doesn’t remove any paint.

The bitterness of poor quality lasts a lot longer then the sweetness of a good deal.

​303® Aerospace Protectant™ is a water-based proprietary formula that contains no petroleum distillates, alcohol, mineral oil or harmful silicone oils.​

​If this truck does not show up,You may be being fooled by the imitator's

Auto Detailing Clay Bar is an engineered resin compound used to remove contaminants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass and metal. Detailing clay can be natural or synthetic, though most manufacturers utilize synthetic clays.

              *303 Fabric Guard out protects and last longer on your fabric and carpeting​ then anything else.

            * If it Floats, Fly's or Rolls 303 will Protect it.

*Ultra-smooth finish stays cleaner, longer 

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                             We Can Detail And Steam It"    


Anyone who works with cars, boats or aviation equipment knows the frustration and hard work that goes into trying to return the shine to your equipment.

The BuffPro polishing system accomplishes a beautiful shine up to 50% faster than other polishers. And because of its unique ergonomic design, it is easier to use and causes less fatigue, making Buff Pro the best choice for professional automotive detailing crews and hobbyists alike.

If you want the deepest shine, without streaks or swirl marks, use the BuffPro polisher.

Here at Chris And Roberts Auto Spa.We will go the extra mile for our customers so we will receive your business now and far into the future. ​ 

*Bullhead's hot sun and sand storms cannot hurt.

The Highest Gloss

No Swirl Marks

The Deepest Shine

Fewer Steps - Less Time

​Do You Need To Clay?

Chances are, the answer is yes. The surface of your vehicle faces assaults from the environment every time it’s out in the weather. Each road trip brings new insults from roadway debris, exhaust films, and airborne pollution. They will splash, mar, and embed themselves in that beautiful paint job you’ve labored over. Vehicles can accumulate these contaminants any time, any place – even at the dealership.

The Bag Test: There’s a simple test that will indicate whether or not you need to clay. Wash and dry your vehicle, put a plastic sandwich bag over your hand and lightly rub your fingertips over the paint. If it feels gritty or rough, your paint is contaminated.

Polish away the defects:  This process is less aggressive to an extent compared to compounding.  While you are still removing clear, it is not happening as quickly, and you are not cutting as deep as a compound would be.  Also, while the polishing step can remove minor defects, it is also enhancing the gloss levels from the paint, where a compound will leave the paint hazy.  So, in a sense, you are “killing two birds with one stone” – polishing away defects, and improving the gloss in the car.  Of course, there are polishes with very minimal cut like Menzerna 85rd that will cut very little, if any at all, but leave behind one glossy finish (provided proper previous steps were performed).

Filling in defects:  This a very important decision to make.  If your car has been subjected to more than a few compound details, and lots of paint correction work, the paint may be wearing thin to a point where it is no longer safe to compound or polish without removing too much.  This is where glazes come into play!  Glazes will do a pretty good job at concealing and hiding the paint defects for a while when removal is not an option.  In this case, you work in a glaze until it “disappears” into the paint, and the swirls will be “masked/hidden”.  This is also a great option for prepping cars for car shows and those cars in need of a “wetter” look!

Our polish product will provide protection for up to three years without any renewal application. Besides one coat lasting three years and protecting the vehicle from oxidation, Fire Glaze is a one-step product. There is no rubbing compound necessary on most vehicles. Fire Glaze will also protect against nature's elements including UV.RMP has been providing a Nanotechnology based Marine boat care products including water based polishes and compounds since 2003 that offer the same long lasting qualities of Fire Glaze. We have revitalized the effort to offer the finest Fire Glaze polish and related automotive care products available anywhere in the entire world. The current Fire Glaze Formulation is a totally revolutionary chemical composition originally developed by Ameri-Chem Mfg. Co.s Engineering Staff 15 years ago, and has been continuously upgraded and perfected over time with the latest improvement being made in December of 2011.

                                                        * Superior fading and Cracking Protection no Oily Residue.