​Fire-Glaze Sealant Package

Hand Wash, Vacuum, steam clean on the Dash, Vinyl and Glass Includes Trunk.

Platinum ​Package

Pet Hair Removal

​Tar Removal

Water Spot Removal.

Window Steam Cleaning

Leather conditioning

Head light restoration 

  Silver Package

​Steam Cleaning.

Hand Wash, Vacuum, Steam Clean Dash, Vinyl, Carpet, protect all Vinyl rubber and Leather, paint protection, Steam Clean Includes trunk. Engine Included.

Chris And Roberts Auto Spa


Please note for your reference as of this coming September, 1991 Fire Glaze Paint Sealant as well as R.A.L.G. brand polishes manufactured by American Chemical Mfg. Co. Inc. will be listed in our parts book and will carry the official O.E.M. number "K 801W0770". This is Mazda's original equipment manufacture's number. 

We are very pleased with the super results of your polishes and product''s quality unsurpassed by all leading American Chemical manufactures in the United States. Thank you for your support.


     ​Gold Package

​Engine Steam Cleaning


Double Platinum Package

   Exterior Hand Wash


​Carpet Steam cleaning


Based on the tests conducted on the six automotive surface enhancement polishes, the summary statements are as follows. Fire Glaze had the highest initial gloss of all the six polishes tested. Fire Glaze overall had the higher level of protection than other polishes, waxes and resins based on performance tests conducted on six products. Fire Glaze offers UV protection not found in the other waxes/resins tested. Fire Glaze is easier to apply than the other waxes/resins tested. Fire Glaze is overall the superior polish to the extent of the tests that have been performed. The above statements are also based on the testing and results described in Preliminary Test Report No. 10102-94. Final Report Prepared By: Robert Dunaetz Chief Chemist Ramtech Laboratories, Inc.Based on the tests conducted on the six automotive surface enhancement polishes, 

​Metal Polishing

 ​Bronze Package

Hand Wash, Vacuum,steam clean Dash, Vinyl, seats, carpets and Dress the Dash and Vinyl, Includes Trunk.

Over Spray Removal

A New Investment Package. Steam Cleaned and Protected from Bumper to Bumper 


​Color Sanding

​Hand Wash ,Vacuum,Dust off dash,  vinyl and class Includes Trunk

Hand Wash, Vacuum, Steam Clean the Dash, Vinyl/Leather ,Seats, Carpets. Apply To The Paint  Dash, Vinyl Includes Trunk. Engine not included

     Wash & Detail  PackagesAvailable

Headliner steam clean.

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Fire-Glaze is our top sealant package it will protect your paint for 3 years​

Clay Bar

​       Ala Carte 

   Desert Package